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  • Cristal Premium 4t Engine Oil

    Feature                  Long Life
    Packaging Type      Plastic Box
    Packaging Size      900ml
    Stroke Type           4stroke
    Type                       Four Stroke Engine Oil
    Country of Origin   India
    Oil Technic             Synthetic, SEMI SYNTHETIC
    MEETS                   API SN JASO MA2
    Product Code        8902598000016
    Port                       TRANSPORT

    Servo Futura D oil is a long life, high performance diesel engine oil compatible for engines conforming to advance emission norms. This oil is highly refined highviscosity index base stocks and contain additives to meet the highest performance standard for Diesel Engines


    Increased component life.

    Lower maintenance costs.

    Excellent Engine Cleanliness.

    Excellent control on soot induced oil thickening.

    Outstanding control on oil consumption.

    Ensures outstanding protection from wear, high temperature deposits, oil degradation and corrosion

    Suitable for vehicles fitted with EGR


    ervo Futura P Plus is blended with synthetic Group III base stocks blended with synergistic additive system for outstanding detergency, dispersancy characteristics, anti-wear and antioxidant properties, high viscosity index and low temperature flow properties. The additive chemistry and dosage are carefully optimized for control on elements resulting in retention of effectiveness of catalytic converters. This delicately balanced composition provides and exceeds tough industry performance standards thus ensuring reliability, emission control economy and endurance.

    • Synthetic Group III based engine oil recommended for high-performance gasoline engines.
    • Based on cutting edge technology with a tailor made additive system.
    • Meets the strictest emission standards.
    • Formulated for extra wear protection for long life of oil and engine.
    • Exhibits very high oxidation stability to withstand high temperature and high load engine conditions preventing sludge build up.
    • Provides fuel economy and resource conserving as per ILSAC GF 5.

    Servo Grease MP & MP 3 are premium quality lithium soap, multi-purpose automotive grease, with high drop point, good thermal and structural stability and also having resistance against water wash out. With smooth structure and high degree of resistance against oxidation and rusting/corrosion. They are ideal product for all grease lubricated parts of automotive equipment.


    Servo Grease MP is recommended for water pump, wheel bearings, chassis fittings and universal joints, including those of constant velocity type, for mobile equipment e.g., automotive, off- highway equipment such as tractors, construction equipment etc. Servo Grease MP 3 is used as Wheel Bearing Grease in Automotive applications.


    • Provide excellent resistance to structural and consistency changes, over wide range of temperatures but remains in place despite severe working or sustained shock impact
    • Have excellent low and high temperature properties. Servo Grease MP can be dispensed at low temperatures and will maintain adequate stay-put property at the higher temperatures encountered in service
    • Resist effectively, water wash out in use, assuring adequate lubrication over extended service periods
    • Provide resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosion.

    • Premium Quality Oil
    • Anti- wear type lubricants
    • Low pouring point
    • Very good de-aerating properties
    • Very effective against corrosion
  • SERVO KOOL 5050

    Servokool 5050 is a triple action long life
    ready to use radiator coolant diluted with
    purified water to meet the highest Japanese

    Servokool 5050 is recommended for
    passenger cars, light commercial vehicles,
    heavy vehicles and heavy earth moving
    equipment as a radiator coolant. Since it is a
    premixed & diluted coolant, it can be used
    straight away by topping up in the radiator or
    expansion bottle.

    • Bio-degradable and environment friendly.
    • Free from Amines, Nitrites, Phosphates
    and Borates.
    • Keeps the Engine cool.
    • Prevents corrosion of radiator coolant and
    other parts.
    • Increases cooling efficiency.
    • Reduces maintenance costs and increases
    radiator life.


    Servo Marine 7050 is high quality Diesel
    Engine Cylinder Lubricant developed for two
    Stroke Crosshead Marine Propulsion Engines
    operating on residual fuels.

    These oils exhibit excellent resistance to
    deposit formation and corrosive wear in
    addition to emulsion formation.

    Servo Marine 7050 is recommended for use
    as Cylinder Lubricant in large Two Stroke
    Crosshead Marine Propulsion Engines
    operating on residual fuels.

     Provides maximum protection from
    adhesive and corrosive wear at higher
    operating temperatures.
     Excellent control of piston and cylinder
    liner wear.
     Ensures outstanding Piston, Liner and
    Scavenger Port cleanliness.
     Extended component life.

  • Servo Pride XL Plus 15W-40

    • Reduced engine scuffing and bore polishing
    • High engine cleanliness
    • Effective cam/tappet and valve train wear protection
    • Has the potential of long drain interval
    • Excellent all weather performance due to improved cold weather properties
  • Servo Super 85W-140 API GL5

    Brand SERVO
    Package Information Bottle
    Liquid Volume 1 Litres
    Item Weight 967 Grams
    Viscosity 85W-140

    About this item
    • Premium quality high performance gear and axle oil for LCVs, HCVs and HEMMs etc.
    • Meets the requirements of API GL5 and SAE 85W-140
    • Provides protection against wear due to good EP characteristics
    • Very good thermal resistance and stability
    • Friction control capability
  • Servo Super HD Brake Fluid

    About this item
    • Decreases oil consumption
    • For hydraulic actuated brake and clutch systems
    • Excellent product
    • Reliable performance
    • Attractive pricing

    Servo Transdex III is a high performance
    Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). This oil
    is blended from selected base stocks and
    additive system to meet the stringent
    performance requirement. The fluid is
    compatible with seal materials used in
    transmission systems.

    * Has low co-efficient of friction
    * Provides better oxidation stability and low
    temperature flow.
    * Minimise formation of sludge and varnish,
    thus maintains the system clean.
    * Has desired fluid characteristics for
    smooth operations over a wide range of
    ambient temperatures.
    * Protects parts against rusting even during
    idle period.
    Help in wear prevention.


    Servo XEE SL 20W-50 is a premium long life,
    high performance fuel economy engine oil for
    new generation petrol vehicles. This oil is
    blended from high viscosity index base stocks
    and contain additives to meet the highest
    quality performance standard.

      Superior wear protection.
      Superior deposit control.
      Extended component life.
      Excellent engine cleanliness.
      Lower oil consumption
      Better Fuel Economy
      Catalytic Convertor Compatible.