Carlisle AT489

The Carlisle AT489 ATV tire is a popular and highly acclaimed choice for original equipment replacement. With its puncture-resistant tread compounds, tread design for aggressive yet smooth control, and versatility on soft, intermediate surfaces, and mud, this tire offers exceptional performance in diverse off-road conditions. Whether you’re exploring challenging trails or cruising through softer terrains, the AT489 tire delivers reliable traction, durability, and a comfortable ride.

Product Highlights:

  • Puncture resistant tread compounds
  • Tread designed for aggressive yet smooth control
  • Soft to intermediate surfaces/mud


22×9.50-10NHS 22×11.00-10NHS AT22x11-10 AT22x10-10 AT23x7-10 AT23x8-11 24×12.00-10NHS AT23x10-10 24×9.50-10 AT24X11-10 AT24x9-11 24×10.50-10NHS AT24x10-11 24×8.00-12 24×9.00-12 NHS AT24x8-11 AT24x11-12 AT25x11-10 25×8.00-12NHS AT23x8-12 25×10.00-12NHS AT23X10-12 25×11.00-12NHS AT24x8-12 AT24x9-12 25×8.00-12 NHS 25×10.00-12 NHS 25×8.00-12NHS 25×11.00-12 NHS AT26x10-12 25×10.00-12NHS 25×11.00-12NHS

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