The Hercules Raptis R-T5 – Made to Move. With top-tier technologies, innovative design and advanced materials, the bold Hercules Raptis R-T5 all-season UHP tire is changing the very landscape of performance tires. Marrying the year-round versatility of premium touring tires with the confident control of ultra-high performance tires, the Raptis R-T5 delivers the traction, control and longer wear today’s performance cars and high-end sport sedans demand.

Features & Benefits

  • CoolCourse™ temperature control system to optimize performance and enhance tire life.
  • 3D UltraWave™ siping and an asymmetric tread design for greater control and tighter handling.
  • High-grade silica tread compound and Hercules EvacuTrack™ grooves for better wet traction.
  • 500 AA A UTQG – the highest traction grading possible.
  • Wide footprint increases contact with the road surface for better control and maximum grip.


TIRE SIZE 205/40ZR17XL 205/50ZR17XL 215/45ZR17XL 215/50ZR17XL 215/55ZR17XL 225/45ZR17XL 225/50ZR17XL 225/55ZR17XL 235/45ZR17XL 235/50ZR17XL 235/55ZR17 245/40ZR17XL 245/45ZR17XL 255/40ZR17XL

215/45ZR18XL 225/40ZR18XL 225/45ZR18XL 225/50ZR18 235/40ZR18XL 235/45ZR18XL 235/50ZR18XL 235/55ZR18XL 245/40ZR18XL 245/45ZR18XL 255/35ZR18 255/40ZR18XL 255/45ZR18XL 265/35ZR18XL 275/35ZR18XL

225/45ZR19XL 235/35ZR19XL 245/35ZR19XL 245/40ZR19 245/45ZR19 255/35ZR19XL 255/40ZR19XL 275/35ZR19XL 275/40ZR19XL

245/35ZR20XL 245/40ZR20XL 245/45ZR20XL 255/35ZR20XL 255/45ZR20 275/35ZR20XL 275/40ZR20XL

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