Unleash the full potential of your vehicle and experience the thrill of the road with the ultimate choice for passenger cars and sports sedans. The Raptis® R-T6, equipped with cutting edge technology and unparalleled engineering, ensures an unmatched combination of traction, ride comfort and winter performance all without compromising safety.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Silica Compound – Ensures balanced wet and snow performance.
  • Increased ContactPatch – Improves dry grip performance and overall tread life.
  • Tie-Bars – Enhances shoulder stiffness for improved handling performance.
  • Strategically Placed Ridges – Disperse water more quickly for better handling on wet surface.
  • 3D Sipes – Minimize tread block movement for greater control when braking and tighter cornering


205/55R16XL 215/55R16XL

205/45R17XL 205/50R17XL 215/45R17XL 215/50R17XL 215/55R17XL 225/45R17XL 225/50R17XL 225/55R17XL 235/45R17XL 235/50R17XL 235/55R17 245/45R17XL

215/45R18XL 225/40R18XL 225/45R18XL 225/50R18 235/40R18XL 235/45R18XL 235/50R18 235/55R18 245/40R18XL 245/45R18XL 245/50R18 255/35R18XL 255/40R18XL 265/35R18XL

225/40R19XL 225/45R19XL 235/40R19XL 235/55R19XL 245/40R19XL 245/45R19XL 255/35R19XL 255/40R19XL 275/35R19XL 275/40R19XL

TIRE SIZE 245/35R20XL 245/40R20XL 245/45R20XL 255/35R20XL 255/45R20XL 275/30R20XL 275/35R20XL 275/40R20XL 275/45R20XL

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