The TIS UT1 by Hercules is designed specifically to match the performance and dynamics of the latest vehicles in the growing UTV/ATV market. Created in collaboration with TIS OFFROAD, the all-terrain tire is designed for those who have a passion for outdoors whether for work or recreation and the ability to drive “off-road” in a variety of terrains, such as sand, silt, loose rocks, gravel, dirt, and soil. The TIS UT1 by Hercules UTV tires follow the Tire & Rim Association’s NHS (Not for Highway Service) tire design standard and are for UTV/ATV use only. The Tire & Rim Association defines NHS as “Tires primarily designed for use outside of public roads, but suitable for temporary/incidental use on public roads.”

Features & Benefits

  • Collaboration at its best – TIS OFFROAD is one of the most recognized wheel brands in off-road combined with Hercules Tires 70 years of tire expertise.
  • Balanced void ratio and innovative biting edges on the tread blocks enable confident navigation and agility to drive off-road in a variety of terrains, such as sand, silt, loose rocks, gravel, dirt, and soil.
  • Center and intermediate tread blocks are designed to provide a stable foundation and superior grip on rocks and slick surfaces while enveloping objects to confidently ride on rugged trails.
  • Sophisticated scalloped shoulder lug design incorporates elongated stone ejectors to help release mud for continuous traction while effectively reducing stone retention and drilling from rocks and loose soil.
  • Inclined deep and wide grooves allow the tire to enhance traction from any angle while maximizing debris-cleaning capability


25X10.00R12/8 25X11.00R12/8 25X8.00R12/8

27X11.00R14/8 27X9.00R14/8 28X10.00R14/8 30X10.00R14/8 32X10.00R14/8 33X10.00R14/8

30X10.00R15/8 32X10.00R15/8 33X10.00R15/8 35X10.00R15/8

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