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  • BKT AT 621

    AT 621 is suitable for backhoe loaders and compact loaders in all digging and loading operations in agriculture. The AT 621 tire features an extra deep tread which ensures great cut and chip resistance and higher durability. In addition, this BKT tire ensures great durability and self cleaning properties. AT 621 is available in several versions to meet the most differing user requirements.
    Version                                       INDUSTRIAL HD
    Type                                            TL
    Tyre Size                                     12.5/80 – 18
    LI/SS DRIVE WHEEL                   135 A8
    LI/SS FREE ROLLING                  148 A8
    Ply Rating 16
    Section Width (mm) 308
    Overall Diameter (mm) 987
    Static Loaded Radius (mm) 434
    Rolling Circumference (mm) 2916
    Rim Rec W 9
    Rim Alt 11.0
    ECE E11-106R-005365
    TRA Code R4
  • BKT BogMax

    Size :30X10.00-14, 58F, 58F, 6 PLY


    • Mud Terrain Mud Terrain
    • 58F LOAD/SPEED: 58F
    • Load Range: 6 Ply Load Range: 6 Ply

    SKU             N979207-99

    LOAD           INDEX58

    UTQG           N/A

    BRAND        BKT


    PERFORMANCE         Mud Terrain

    SIDEWALLBSW:        Black Side Wall

    MODELBog              Max

    LOAD RANGE           6 Ply

    SEASONAll             Season

    TREAD DEPTH        15/32

    SIZE                       30X10.00-14

    RUN FLAT             No



    LOAD CAPACITY      520 lbs