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  • Black Rock

    Designed to balance ride quality with an aggressive ¾ inch tread depth, the Black Rock tire is built to handle any trail conditions while also providing a smooth ride. Made in the USA.Product Highlights:

    • Asymmetrical tread design for stability
    • Open lug design for reduced mud packing
    • ¾ inch tread depth
    • Soft to intermediate surfaces/mud


    AT25x8-12 AT25x10-12 AT26x9-12 AT26x11-12 27×9.00-14NHS 27×11.00-14NHS AT24x9-11 AT24x9-12 27×9.00-12NHS

  • Carlisle All Trail

    The Carlisle All Trail tire is specifically designed to excel on hard surface conditions. With its tightly grooved tread design, low, wide profile, extended-wear tread compound, and suitability for intermediate to hard surfaces, this tire offers stability, reduced chassis roll, extended tire life, and responsive handling. Experience a smooth and controlled ride on hard terrains with the All Trail tire, designed to optimize performance and enhance your ATV / UTV experience.

    Product Highlights:

    • Tightly grooved tread design for stability on hard-packed terrain
    • Low, wide profile for reduced soft wallowing chassis roll
    • Extended-wear tread compound
    • Intermediate to hard surfaces


    22×11.00-10 22×11.00-10NHS 23×8.00-12NHS 23×10.50-12 25×8.00-12NHS 23×10.50-12 25×10.00-12NHS 25×10.50-12 27X9.00-14 NHS 27X11.00-14 NHS

  • Carlisle AT489

    The Carlisle AT489 ATV tire is a popular and highly acclaimed choice for original equipment replacement. With its puncture-resistant tread compounds, tread design for aggressive yet smooth control, and versatility on soft, intermediate surfaces, and mud, this tire offers exceptional performance in diverse off-road conditions. Whether you’re exploring challenging trails or cruising through softer terrains, the AT489 tire delivers reliable traction, durability, and a comfortable ride.

    Product Highlights:

    • Puncture resistant tread compounds
    • Tread designed for aggressive yet smooth control
    • Soft to intermediate surfaces/mud


    22×9.50-10NHS 22×11.00-10NHS AT22x11-10 AT22x10-10 AT23x7-10 AT23x8-11 24×12.00-10NHS AT23x10-10 24×9.50-10 AT24X11-10 AT24x9-11 24×10.50-10NHS AT24x10-11 24×8.00-12 24×9.00-12 NHS AT24x8-11 AT24x11-12 AT25x11-10 25×8.00-12NHS AT23x8-12 25×10.00-12NHS AT23X10-12 25×11.00-12NHS AT24x8-12 AT24x9-12 25×8.00-12 NHS 25×10.00-12 NHS 25×8.00-12NHS 25×11.00-12 NHS AT26x10-12 25×10.00-12NHS 25×11.00-12NHS

  • Carlisle Tour Max

    A smooth riding tyre designed primarily for golf carts and closed community vehicles. The tread pattern, rubber compound and tyre construction provide durability as well as ride comfort on hard surface paths.

    Available Sizes

    CA2055010TURF 205/50-10 (4) TL
    CA2255512 225/55-12 (4)
    CA188508TOURMAX 18×8.50-8 (4) TL


  • Extra Grip

    Long-lasting wear with its bias-ply construction. With rugged grooves to channel water in wet conditions, the Extra Grip tire is Made in the USA.

    Product Highlights:

    • Perfect application for extra grip while preserving surrounding surface


    • 5.70-8
  • Mega Mayhem

    Product Description
    • ITP’s most aggressive 6 ply mud/trail tire ever.
    • Striking looks and hard-hitting performance.
    • Unique, deep-lug tread design that mocks the nastiest mudholes but still plays nice on harder trail surfaces.
    • Trail comfort and handling are further enhanced by the Mayhem’s lightweight carcass construction.
    • Exceptional acceleration and braking characteristics as well as balanced cornering qualities make the Mayhem a capable, confident all-around performer.
    • With its extended wear rubber compound and durable 6-ply rating, the Mayhem can take a beating and come back for more.
    • Distinctive, tribal-inspired, embossed artwork. The Mayhem stands out in a crowd not just for its abilities but for its attitude, too.
    • Made in the U.S.A.


    • 28 X 9 X 14
    • 28 X 11 X14
    • 28 X 11 X 14
    • 28 X 9 X 12
    • 27 X 11 X14
    • 27 X 9 X14
    • 27X11X14
    • 27X9X12
  • Premium Wide Trac

    The Premium Wide Trac tire offers superior level design with an extra heavy-duty sidewall for material handling applications. Its durable construction resists abrasions in sever conditions to maximize efficiency.

    Product Highlights:

    • Extreme square shoulder
    • Flat, wide profile
    • Increased gauge


    5.70/5.00-8 5.70/5.00-8 6.90/6.00-9 6.50-10 7.00-12 8.25-15 28×9.00-15 28×9.00-15 2.50-15 3.00-15 28×12.00-15 7.50-16

  • Radial Trail

    Radial Trailer tire for Trailers, Toy Haulers and Towables.

    • Long-lasting, wrap-around tread
    • Comply with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements
    • 1 Year Road Hazard Warranty from date of purchase
    • Provides sure cornering and safe travel
    Available Sizes
    • 5151291 – ST145/R12
    • 5198121 – 175/80R13
    • 5193521 – 185/80R13
    • 5198131 – 205/75R14
    • 5198141 – 215/75R14
    • 5198081 – 205/75R15
    • 5198151 – 205/75R15
    • 5198221 – 225/75R15
    • 5198171 – 225/75R15
    • 5198161 – 225/75R15
    • 5198241 – 245/75R16
    • 5190821 – 235/80R16
    • 5193411 – 235/85R16
    • 5192991 – 235/85R16
  • Sport Trail

    The Carlisle Sport Trail tire combines the appearance of a radial tire with the benefits of bias construction. With its tread and contour design for increased endurance, lower rolling resistance, rugged sidewall, and enhanced weather resistance, this tire delivers reliable and safe performance for towable utility and boat trailers. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your trailer is equipped with a long-lasting and durable tire that is designed to withstand the demands of the road.

    Product highlights:

    • Tread and contour design for increased endurance and reduced heat build-up
    • Lower rolling resistance
    • Rugged sidewall and enhanced weather resistance


    4.80-8 4.80-8 5.70-8 5.70-8 5.70-8 16.5×6.5-8 18.5×8.5-8 18.5×8.5-8 20.5×8.0-10 20.5×8.0-10

  • Trail Wolf

    The Trail Wolf tire features a deep, wrap-around tread that promotes forward traction while minimizing lateral slip. Trail Wolf is made with stiff sidewalls that increase cornering control and a compound formulated for extended wear.

    Product Highlights:

    • Wrap-around shoulder for improved traction.
    • Stiff sidewalls for enhanced control
    • ½ inch tread depth
    • Intermediate to hard surfaces


    AT19x7-8 20×11.00-9 AT20x7-8 22×10.00-9 25×12.00-9 20×11.00-10 21×7.00-10 22×7.00-10 22×10.00-10 22×7.00-11 25×8.00-12 25×10.00-12 19×8.00-8 AT25x12-9 AT21x7-10 25×8.00-12 25×10.00-12 20×11.00-10NHS AT20x11-9 AT19x8-8 AT22x7-10 AT22x7-11 AT22x10-9 AT25x12-10 AT22x10-10 25×8-12NHS 25×11-12NHS